About Me

Hi there!  Thanks for taking a minute to read all about me, I don't think I'm terribly exciting but since you are reading my blog maybe you agree to disagree.  If you hadn't guessed I love crafting, mainly as it is a way to get my creative juices out in beteween answering demands from the kids.  Why would I need to stop?  Well because I'm a very happy stay-at-home mom to 2 little ones thanks to the loving Mister Vonkysmeed.  We now have 2 little ankle-biters, Lil' Miss is 8 and Destructo-Boy is 5.

I have been creating in one form or another for years, actually earning a BA degree in General Studio Art a number of years ago.  And what did I do with that hard earned degree?  Not much to tell the truth, I went into Visual Merchandising until I got sick of dealing with retail and then moved onto working in collections, yes collections.  I had fun using the judgy part of my INFJ personality for awhile, then we had a munchkin and didn't want her being raised by someone else so as soon as we could live on one paycheck we agreed that I should stay home.

Thus the crafting began, it is something creative that can be stopped and started as needed unlike for example a watercolor painting (my favorite medium).

Lately I have added volunteering with the PTO at the kids' school and volunteering as a Girl Scout troop co-leader to the mix.  Both are incredibly rewarding but very time consuming.  It's one of those things though that I think if I looked back would regret not doing while I had the chance.  So due to these huge pulls on my time most of my blogging will probably be centric to these activities.  Oh, I almost forgot, Lil' Miss just joined up with the Performing group at her dance studio this year, yikes!  No, I did not volunteer to help out with that at this time, I do know when to say enough is enough!

Thanks for reading and hope you keep coming back!

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