Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs!

My kids love their dinosaurs, fighting over them every chance they get, Lil' Miss loves playing with them but doesn't like to share that much.  I am not quite sure what the attraction to dinosaurs is, but my kids are not alone in their fascination with dinosaurs, it seems to be something all little kids develop.  I don't remember how she first discovered them, but she has been wild about dinosaurs since before she could say any of their names.  She received a big box of them from Santa this past Christmas and she has her own very unique way of playing with them.  Watching her play is quite an experience, she makes up the most amazing stories/situations for them to act out.  There isn't much roaring, and no eating of each other even though she gets the whole herbivore/carnivore thing (she even told me the other day that we were omnivores!) and understands which are which for the majority of the dinosaurs.  Instead, they talk to each other, play with each other and have all kinds of fun adventures.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fighting the sweater monster!

I have been arguing with my Silken Scabbard pattern off and on now since March 4th. The argument started even before I cast on any stitches with the Knit Picks website picture of the Aegean color of their Elegance yarn being completely WRONG as to the actual color of the yarn. Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely shade & I am still using it, but the color is nowhere close to what I expected based on the website image. As for the beginnings of the actual sweater, I'm going cheat a little and copy and paste from my project details on Ravelry so you can see what has happened thus far. After starting on March 3rd, and getting the joy of re-reading each line of the pattern about 5 million times to understand it, this happened on March 14th:

Getting ready to put the sleeves on waste yarn after knitting only 6 repeats of the raglan increase pattern (pattern calls for 7 1/2 repeats). I am concerned about having enough to go around my upper arms for the sleeves, (should have listened to that inner voice!) but I don’t want the neckline creeping up any higher, I may end up ripping some out if it seems to high to do less raglan increases. We’ll see how it goes! Later: Yup, as feared the collar was much too high so I frogged back to 5 raglan increases, I’m afraid if I drop it to 4 repeats the bra straps would show and that’s just tacky!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My first attempt....

If you're reading this, hiya! I have always been terrible at keeping a personal diary/journal but seem to be keeping up with updating my Facebook site and my place at Ravelry so I decided maybe online is the way to go to record my thoughts. That said, you may get the idea this blog isn't so much for you that it's for me and to be brutally honest, you'd be right! Recording all my misadventures with crafting and my frustrations at the daily grind of parenting seems a bit too much like complaining on FB, plus it (FB) seems to require being short and sweet which I can't always do. Thus, here I am in all my not so clever or witty glory.

Hopefully I'll remember to feed the kids and change an occasional diaper or two in between adding blogging to my daily grind. They get pretty mad at me as it is when I can't be bothered to put down the knitting just yet to read a book. "Just one more row mommy?" is a pretty common query from the 4 year old Lil' Miss . Destructo-Boy at just 1 year old just whacks me with a board book to distract me long enough to get attention and counts himself lucky if I don't hurl the darn thing across the room. That being said, it's probably time to get back to my most important and at times trying job, parenting these 2 little monsters into acceptable members of society. Until next time!
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