Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My first attempt....

If you're reading this, hiya! I have always been terrible at keeping a personal diary/journal but seem to be keeping up with updating my Facebook site and my place at Ravelry so I decided maybe online is the way to go to record my thoughts. That said, you may get the idea this blog isn't so much for you that it's for me and to be brutally honest, you'd be right! Recording all my misadventures with crafting and my frustrations at the daily grind of parenting seems a bit too much like complaining on FB, plus it (FB) seems to require being short and sweet which I can't always do. Thus, here I am in all my not so clever or witty glory.

Hopefully I'll remember to feed the kids and change an occasional diaper or two in between adding blogging to my daily grind. They get pretty mad at me as it is when I can't be bothered to put down the knitting just yet to read a book. "Just one more row mommy?" is a pretty common query from the 4 year old Lil' Miss . Destructo-Boy at just 1 year old just whacks me with a board book to distract me long enough to get attention and counts himself lucky if I don't hurl the darn thing across the room. That being said, it's probably time to get back to my most important and at times trying job, parenting these 2 little monsters into acceptable members of society. Until next time!

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