Thursday, June 9, 2011

My first Monster

I have recently begun to knit some fun little creatures in my quest to use up stashed yarn.  I hate having bits of yarn leftover and it seems like making stuffed friends seems like a pretty good use for them.  Happily I recently received The Big Book of Knitted Monsters for my birthday and it sure does enable me to use up stash yarn on some really cute little monsters.

The first monster I decided to knit was picked out by Lil' Miss to be given to her school teacher, Dot the Dress Up Box Monster.  Although we did rename her Cleo the Classroom Monster as she would be living in a Kindergarten classroom.  She ended up being significantly smaller than the pattern as I was running short on red yarn, I just didn't do most of the knit rounds that added length through the body, so she is a tad squished looking.  I even had to find another bit of red yarn from my stash box just to finish up the top of her head!  And the blue arms, well, they should be red according to the pattern but I just didn't have enough yarn so they ended up blue.  The snaggly teeth are because that way simply because I don't cut things out very well so I intentionally made them weird, but Lil' Miss likes them so it's all good.

Happily Cleo was well received by Lil' Misses schoolteacher.  So well received in fact that I often see the monster sitting on her desk out of reach of little hands.  Well, except Lil' Miss, since I made the monster she feels quite comfortable cuddling it as she does her classwork and teacher doesn't seem to mind.  I can also claim responsibility in some way for the sale of another of the Monster books.  Apparently teachers mom knits and always makes and gives scarves at Christmastime.  Teacher shared a pic of the monster on her Facebook page and issues a strongly worded suggestion to her mother that a monster for Christmas would be much better received than another scarf.  I do believe the book was ordered the next day.

I enjoyed knitting this little gal so much I am pretty sure I will ended up making every pattern in this book at least once, and some probably more than that.  So, who else wants a monster for a Christmas present?!


  1. I love Cleo! If you hadn't said anything, I wouldn't have known she was short (after all, I'm not sure how proportioned monsters are supposed to be!)

  2. Thank you! She just looks short when compared to the picture in the book, but you're right, no one will know unless I say something!


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