Friday, July 15, 2011

Kudzu shawlette

The main reason I decided to even make this shawl (beyond the whole, ooh pretty knee jerk response) was to get my mind back into the lace knitting mindset before I started on a wedding veil for Crafty Auntie.  Kudzu was the KAL for the Beginning Lace Knitters group on Ravelry for June and as soon as I saw it I added it to my favorites thinking I would get to it some day.  Then I realized I was planning on making the veil out of kidsilk haze which I hear is a rather difficult yarn to knit with so thought maybe working on something that gets me back into the place of mind I need to be to work on lace just might be a good idea.  Then of course Knit Picks went and had a summer sale, I was a goner I tell you (yes, I bought much more than just the yarn for this shawl, darn their sales)!

The pattern is really easy to follow and is both written out and charted, I loved how I was able to memorize the short repeats in no time at all, which was nice since the rows were incredibly looong!  There was a time halfway thorough where I though I'd never get done but that feeling went away pretty quickly thankfully.  I think the yarn is a pretty good match to the pattern too, it's KP Comfy sport in the honeydew color, of course it wasn't on sale, but the yellow yarn that was the backup color I ordered was which will end up being a top for Lil' Miss someday.  It is so soft too, definitely feels like your favorite cotton t-shirt as some have commented, I just want to cuddle up with the thing!  The nice cotton/acrylic blend is perfect for wearing here in sunny So Cal on those days or evenings when there is just a hint of coolness in the air.

I have now decided this crescent shape is my favorite for shawls, I have a rectangular shawl that I barely wear and did try on the various triangular ones I made as gifts last Christmas but this shape is definitely best for me.  Since it has a nice curve to it already it tends to stay put much better, which is my main complaint with shawls I hate how they fall off the shoulders, when I put something on I expect it to stay where I put it, I don't want to have to repeatedly mess with my clothes.  Apparently The Momster likes it too, she was seriously coveting this shawl over the weekend at a barbeque we had.  I think I know what her Christmas gift will be, now just to settle on a pattern, maybe Indian Feathers but with heavier yarn...


  1. First thing I thought when I saw this was, "Oooooo!" I'm warming up to these crescent shawls, too. I've made a few triangular ones, but I feel like I can only wear them one way. These ones seem to have a bit more panache to them!

  2. Thank you! I think I'll be making an Annis for my next shawl destined for me. I will say it is not an easy shape to search for on Ravelry, apparently some people think a triangle is a crescent, um, it's not folks! :)

  3. How did you actually did the wrap 1 over 2 as I am presently stuck at that row 3 from the open twist rib section....P1, K1-tbl, P1, *wrap 1 over 2, P1...

    I need more info, what is the actual real abreviation that I would find in the knitting glossary.


    Tea freak

  4. Per the designer Remcat to a question on this very row in the KAL discussion board she wrote the following:
    'The “wrap 1 over 2” is defined as follows …wrap 1 over 2: Knit 3 sts, then slip the third st on the RH needle over the first 2 sts.'

    I hope this helps!


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