Thursday, October 13, 2011

Poor Me...

Feeling down and sorry for myself, that would be me lately.  Why?  No reason in particular it has just been hard to want to do much of anything.  Oh, I am still knitting but I just feel tired and yucky all the time, thus why I have been neglecting my blog here.  Hopefully I'll get back to normal soon.  At least the house is fairly clean though!  If I let that go I get anxious on top of everything else so I do keep that up.  Sorry to complain but if not here than where?

I have been working on the knitting slowly but have totally neglected the scrapbooking, which makes me feel guilty and so I neglect it even more.  Notice a vicious cycle there anyone?!  I like to have big blocks of time when I scrapbook and I just haven't been able to set any aside to devote just to that so to the backburner it goes.  Knitting is much easier to pick up and knit for a few minutes before having to do something else so I almost always makes a little progress daily on one project or another.

I'll be back next week, hopefully with more energy and some fun knitting to share!

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