Saturday, August 11, 2012

Best Ravellenic Project EVAH!

Yup, I win!  We adopted this fella from the shelter today and are just delighted with him.  Poor guy doesn't even have a name from us yet, Hopefully he will by the end of the weekend.  Kudos to National Cat Protection Society in Newport Beach, they were awesome!

He will be keeping me company as I start taking Destructo-boy to pre-school this fall, sniff-sniff.  Plus, now I feel like a 'real' knitter as I have a fur-ball that will chase down stray yarn balls and eat them as they roll away from me.  Please don't complain about the stray hairs in your holiday knitting, you might not get any the next year! 


  1. Awwww - what a sweetheart. How old is he? I will say that I stopped using straight needles since getting a cat, as the ends waving about are just too much temptation for him. I also discovered that he likes the good yarn (i.e. handspun) to snuggle with. Congrats on your new baby!

    1. Thank you, he is fitting in with the Vonkysmeed household perfectly! He's about a year old, still young enough to have a bit of kitten in him but old enough that he doesn't need constant attention. With my knitting he leaves the needles alone but goes after my working yarn, I think it wiggling sets him off!


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