Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thankful, Day 13

So I should have started this on the first of November, sue me I'm late (probably because I just thought of it, d'oh!).  I want to remember each and every day what I am thankful for and I thought I would record it here, some things are silly, some ridiculous, and a whole lot are simple but here are 1 through 13 in no particular order:
  1. My husband, a great guy who puts up with me and all my craziness and has for 15 years now.
  2. The smell of coffee, yes, just the smell.  
  3. My kids, the little loves of my life, I can't even imagine life without them.
  4. Fall, my absolute favorite time of the year, and yes I do realize I live in southern California but we do still get fall (at least us natives can tell the difference without the more obvious clues such as leaves changing color!)
  5. DVR's, so I can watch American Horror Story, CSI, Grimm, etc. without giving my kids nightmares or having to hide in my room.
  6. My families health, we are all amazingly healthy, knock on wood it stays that way!
  7. Dr Demento, because I was sharing some of his albums with the kids yesterday, his humor will always be weird, offbeat, and in style!
  8. That I was fortunate enough to be born here, in the United States, we may have our problems but I still feel this is the best place to live.
  9. Chocolate, because really, would life be worth living without it?
  10. Manual transmissions, because really, driving a stick is SO much more fun!
  11. The home I live in, it is ours (well, some of it anyway) and safe and a great place to raise our kids.
  12. Warm Vanilla Sugar perfume, because who doesn't want to smell like a big ole' sugar cookie?!
  13. Handkint socks, you don't know there is even a difference until you wear them, especially ones made with skinny bugga, mmm, cashmere!

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