Friday, April 16, 2010

Cost Cutting Shenanigans

A few weeks ago I went to Target to pick up my weekly needs of basic household stuff, you know the really fun things like shampoo, trash bags and toilet paper.  Now, I have never really thought too much about what companies do to cut costs and raise their profit margin, I know they do some crazy silly things, but again, I never gave it too much thought.  Until I put my rolls of toilet paper away in my cabinet and noticed this:

In case you were thinking what's the big deal, they reduced the width of the toilet paper roll by 1/2 an inch and did not reduce the price.  Not that I'll switch to a different brand, the Target brand is still less expensive than any of the others, but it just irks that they seem to think we as consumers are stupid (though unfortunately many are!).  Mister Vonkymeed thinks they maybe saved a whole roll of toilet paper per package by reducing the width of the roll, oh well I guess it's just that much less toilet paper for Destructo-boy to unroll onto the floor.


  1. That's why the rolls are fitting better in my cabinet! I thought I grabbed the wrong brand accidentally.

  2. I ran into this about a year ago - at the time Northern got some bad press over it but I guess enough folks kept buying so they didn't have to change it back. They lost me as a customer

  3. I understand everyone needs to make a buck, I don't mind that it just seems like they could have at least passed on some of the savings to their customers. Regardless, it made me laugh which is a good thing any day!


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