Monday, April 5, 2010

Huntin' Easter eggs

It never changes, every Easter that dang rabbit comes hopping around leaving eggs everywhere.  Why couldn't he just leave the basket of goodies next to my bed but no, he had to leave an egg with a hint leading to another egg, which would lead to another and so on.  Oh, I guess it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun without the hunting part would it?  Oh all right, it would have been kind of boring to not have to hunt around for it.

The Momster (yes, I now know it was her and not some demented furry creature) would spend hours working out clues for me and older brother Grumpy to track down Easter morning.  After our 5 minutes of racing around the house from egg to egg she would complain about how quickly we went through the egg-clues and got to our baskets.  Granted, we worked it out pretty quickly, but do you think maybe there are more hiding places for an Easter basket than the dishwasher, the clothes dryer, or the tv cabinet?  We cottoned onto that ploy pretty quickly so there were several times we actually discovered the basket before we were supposed to by 'mis-interpreting' a clue.

Then there was the year of the cipher, which shall forever after live in infamy, wherein the Momster found an elvish font someplace way back when (think before the internet, yea, I'm THAT old!) and we had to decode the dang text before even trying to work out what the clue was.  Grumpy and I were not happy campers, decoding was keeping us from our well deserved sugar high!  If I remember correctly that was one of the last times we got a basket hunt in the morning.  Sigh, I guess I couldn't have expected the free chocolate to last forever.

Now it's MY turn!  Lil' Miss is 4 and just starting to read so I get to actually create clues for her.  The past few years have been clueless (snicker), the first year the basket was next to her crib, the following several years that demented rabbit left a very visible trail of eggs to wherever the basket was actually located, usually behind a couch.  This year I came up with the clever idea of taking a photo of where an egg will be hidden, layering text over the image and will print that up to be placed inside an egg.  We'll see how it goes, Mister Vonkysmeed is of no help with this one as he never had clue based egg hunts, I think his baskets were just left on a table or next to his bed.

Destructo-boy, well, he's a bit young for clues so he'll be getting the trail o' eggs this year.  How much do you want to bet that Lil' Miss will race ahead following his egg trail to the end before he has even picked up the first one?  Yea, I wouldn't take that bet either!

Yeah, so he saw the first egg and just took off down the hall, didn't even notice the egg trail down the hall that the Easter bunny left for him, he was just so excited and running around.   He found his basket in less than a minute.  Lil' Miss loved her photo clues and was delighted to find each one leading up to her basket.  And boy was she excited once she found that basket let me tell you!  She then spent all morning sorting her candies by color and size, yes, definitely my daughter!

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