Friday, December 10, 2010

Prepping for xmas

It is my belief that it is never too early to start knitting or Christmas, particularly when you are a relatively slow knitter as I am.  I actually started working on my holiday knitting back in June with the Haruni shawl for Chatty-Cathy and am making fairly good progress on the rest of the projects as you can see from my finished project basket.  I have 19 projects completed, 2 in progress, and a few more to go most of which are sewn rather than knit.  You know, it feels so much better to write it down and realize I don't have that much left to do, especially considering that the projects aren't that big (I don't do sweaters for xmas, too much fear of it not fitting!).

So this would be the reason I haven't been really good at updating things here right now, I've been busy knitting/crocheting/sewing and haven't felt the time was available to type.  Then of course I haven't really been able to give a breakdown of what I did and am working on as many of the recipients actually check in here from time to time.  Thus the messy basket shot of the finished items all jumbled together, so good luck trying to discern your gift in that mess peekers, bwah-ha-ha!

Maybe I'll try to get started a little sooner next year so I still don't have this overwhelming anxious feeling that I must knit faster hanging over me as I have the past month.  Perhaps doing something for me, than a gift, than something for me and so on will help spread it out a bit better.  But, you know what they say about the best laid plans!

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  1. January first while watching the Rose Parade would work.


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