Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Excuse me while I rant

Hmm, no white here!

Can someone please tell me why it is so difficult to find the simplest of wardrobe staples, a white t-shirt?  You know, just a basic whit t-shirt that you can't see my bra through?  Okay, maybe I am totally out of touch with the current style (like I have always been, in high school I strongly resembled a goth-amish refugee, yup, imagine that one for a minute!) but it really shouldn't be so hard to find.  Apparently every clothing manufacturer has agreed to use the thinnest material possible and the public just accepts it.  It used to be that you could find a decent white tee, sadly mine was somewhat stained in the underarm area so it is now a lovely shade of rose pink, nice, but not white.  I mean, I even subjected myself to walking into The Gap (I hate this store, so not me!) bu even their most signature garment was ridiculously thin, I mean, a dermatologist could examine me through it!

With spring and summer on the way I really would like to find a decent white t-shirt, and when I do I'll probably need to stockpile them!  My favorite go-to store has sadly gone out of business, Mervyn's, and my second favorite store New York & Company has joined in the too thin material brigade.  It has been awhile since I last tried to find one, and I am getting ready to begin the search again, sigh.  This could be one of the reasons why I hate to shop for clothes, I need a specific item and just can't find it, or maybe I am being a bit like Goldilocks, this one too thin, that one too short, where is the one that is just right?!


  1. Grr. Feel your pain. I was trying to buy a "shell" top to wear under a jacket recently--just a really basic top. None are to be had, white or no! And why can't I buy pants in other than the four or five basic colors--black, tan, white, dusty green and navy? I want...COLOR! Rich hunter green, turquoise, chocolate...grrrr....and I want a basic no see through white T too...have a white t, but it's somewhat too sheer for real it's an undershirt.

  2. The old Mervyn's building by me has my new go-to store: Kohl's. Give them a shot, there's one right by you. They're at least as good as Mervyn's was.

  3. the only place I know you can get an 8oz cotton shirt is Camber sportswear (online). Really heavyweight stuff, practically bulletproof.

  4. Try Land's End or LL Bean. Their stuff is usually "full coverage".

  5. Thanks for all the suggestions! I can definitely check out Land's End in person as they are sold through Sears. Unfortunately I don't trust buying anything online unless I have already tried it on. The downside to being incredibly picky, remind me to tell you about the penny loafers one day! :)


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