Friday, March 4, 2011

I make a bargain with myself

Weird I know, but I often tell myself I have to do a less desirable project to then get to do something that is more fun for me.  Am I the only one who makes these kind of little deals with myself?  And am I the only one who almost always keeps them?!  Anyhow, since I seem to keep dropping the scrapbooking in favor of new knitting projects I decided to put a stop to that behavior with a new little bargain.  Thus, I am not allowed to start another knitting project until I finish up the birthday albums and fall 2010 pages that are in progress.  It seems a bit ridiculous, I know, but I have a feeling I'll just keep putting off the scrapping until I run out of yarn (like that would ever happen!). 

So all I have in the way of knitting right now is my Austin hoodless Hoodie.  I guess that'll help encourage me to get that sucker finished too huh?!  On the plus side I am actually making progress on the pages, I already finished their birthday albums and have the pictures all printed out for fall.  The only part unplanned right now is the journaling (the hardest part for me for some reason, you wouldn't think it since I blog, huh?  You try to be brief and poignant every time and you'll get writer's block too I tell ya!) and since I have all the pictures for fall printed out and ready to go onto my already designed pages, I just have to sit down and do it.

Of course right after making this little deal with myself Knit Picks released their new colors of Felici, the bastards!  So in spite of a self-imposed halt to new knitting I have a shopping cart full of yarn at KP that I will be ordering fairly soon.  Sigh, excuse me while I go pull out my glue to finish up fall so I can get to work knitting down my current stash to make room for the new fibery goodness shortly to make it's way here.

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  1. Sometimes a knitting time-out is necessary...because otherwise we'd never get anything done. I never seem to get around to scrapbooking so I cheated and made a photo book last week!


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