Monday, May 3, 2010

April was very productive!

Owls vest for Destructo-boy

Since I had already made a few summer items for Lil' Miss I was feeling a bit guilty that Destructo-boy didn't ave anything made for hi for summer yet.  After a request for help on the Ravelry Knitting For Boys group for summer knit ideas, I was given numerous suggestions of summer clothing items I could make for Destructo-boy.  This Owls vest was by far my favorite and was a really quick knit.  the pattern was originally designed for babies but with some modifications to needle size, yarn weight and adding in some stitches and rows it ended up being a bit big on the boy.  Oh well, he can wear it next year too!

Elenka dress for Lil' Miss

I wanted to make her a dress, don't know why, I just did.  So I searched through the patterns on Ravelry, found a few that I really liked and then told Lil' Miss she got to choose what I would make for her.  Elenka from Knitty was her choice, and she told me she wanted it in purple.  Well, the purple cotton ease yarn was much too dark in my opinion for a nice summer dress so I ordered some in the blossom color from Jo-Ann's.  I cast on for the 4T width and followed the instructions for the 5T length as Lil' Miss is rather skinny and tall.  Of course I had a skein and then some left over since I couldn't return it to the store and would have to pay shipping back to return it to the warehouse.  I guess she'll be getting a twirly skirt with the leftovers from this dress and the owls vest!

El Capitan hat for Destructo-boy

In my quest to use up stash from other projects I looked around for something to use up the last of the alpaca blend that had made a poncho and a hat for Chatty-Cathy.  After a little looking around I discovered the adorable Capitan on Ravelry (notice a trend here!) that would be perfect for Destructo-boy.  I started it and then put it aside for a few weeks before coming back to it and finishing it up.  I used up every last bit of yarn I had and didn't have enough to do the hat band, bummer!  However, I did have a tiny amount of grey wool yarn and it worked out just fine for the band.  Of course then I had to go out and get the perfect buttons for this 'free' hat, sigh...

Clapotis scarf/shawl

Something for me!  I had purchased this yarn because it kept whispering my name and had no clue what I would make with it.  After much consideration I finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and make a Clapotis, just enough of a pattern to keep me interested but not so much that the changing color of the yarn would detract from it.  Came out pretty nice if I do say so myself! 

Assorted beaded stitch markers

Read more about my fun with creating these in an upcoming blog post!  Yup, made them all by myself, I'm just crafty like that.

Faire Costuming for Lil' Miss 

Since she just keeps growing and we had an event on the first weekend of May I decided to make some new pieces for the girl.  She got a new blouse (which she wouldn't wear cause it was itchy, sigh!), a new skirt, a new pair of harem pants, and a new vest.  I think she looks adorable in it and best of all it didn't cost me anything as all the fabric were scraps from other projects!


  1. stuff for yourself, stuff for the kids but nothing for Mr. Vonkysmeed? Is he not knitworthy?

    Love all of the designs

  2. He's knitworthy, he is just part polar bear so doesn't need much of anything. That being said, I did get him to pick out some yarn that arrived in one of my boxes of happiness to make a new hat for him. Not that he wears the hat I already made for him or anything!

    Thanks, I had a rather productive month!

  3. Love this vest and will add it to my list.


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