Friday, May 7, 2010

My mini-me, aka Lil' Miss

It was clear to us as soon as we saw her in profile during an ultrasound, Lil' Miss is a tiny little version of me.  Some days it is truly frightening to see a miniature version of yourself running around, all the good is just fine it's the bad stuff that's not so terrific.  Grumpy has stated that not only did the apple not fall far from the tree, it simply fell straight down, thud, no rolling away, nothing.  This isn't just the striking physical resemblance between us either, it's that she often acts just like me, the same turns of phrase, the same gestures and mannerisms, yikes!

To give you an idea of just how much she looks like me, one day Mister Vonkysmeed was looking at old pictures on the computer (don't ask me why) he came across one of me when I was the same age as Lil' Miss, about 4 years old.  He was immediately struck by the strong resemblance between us, exacerbated by the fact it was a black and white picture.  When she came into the room and was asked who was in the photo she immediately replied that it was her.  Then she realized that she didn't know the other two people in the picture and had never owned that dress, hmm, does not compute!  We explained that it was actually Mommy in the picture and she still looked a little confused than just accepted it and went on with her day. Which goes to show she is definitely her own person in spite of looking like me, I would never just accept something so cavalierly, I must have full disclosure to be truly happy!

The mannerisms sometimes are over the top, especially the day when I caught myself stomping my foot while telling her for the umpteenth time to do something.  Oh Good Lord!  So that's why she stomps her foot, she has seen me do it!  I started laughing at myself then and there (much to her confusion), gotta watch my own behavior a little better like I have been watching my language.  It's these little things, a toss of the head, the way she uses her hands, the exasperated sigh that I am well known for (Grumpy almost wet himself with laughter the first time he heard her bust out one of those).  Many are those who have been greatly amused by this, though I cannot always be counted in that number.  Sometimes it is beyond frustrating to have to deal with the more difficult parts of my own personality in a little person.

It is amazing to see her mimic me in so many ways.  I'll never know if it is just because she has seen me do these things or if it is because it is somehow ingrained in her DNA.  Nature or nurture, with Lil' Miss we will never know for sure, but does it really matter?  She is my little girl and I adore her for being just the way she is, yes, some of it is just like me but there are so many things about her that are uniquely Lil' Miss.



  1. And we would not want her any other way. Still say that she fell and bounced back into the tree

  2. Thanks for the info on your blog, not only can she knit but she also can write an entertaining story. I have a black and white photo I took of you examining yourself in a new dress in a mirror while standing on a chair. You had recently fallen so you had a black eye at the time. Until I saw the pictures Chris took of you at your wedding it was my favorite picture of you, because, to me you can see that part of you that demands full disclosure. Interestingly Lindsay is a lot like that also, but with a slightly different spin, I can see you in Lil' Miss (ed.) and there is very little difference.

    Strong willed women are a gift from God, Mister Vonkysmeed (ed.) and I are very lucky.

  3. I love reading about you and your little girl. My daughter is going to have her first, my furst grandbaby, in September after many years of being unable to have one.
    When I saw the last ultrasound I thought the baby looked like my daughter but didn't say anything because, well how nuts is that!
    We hope to find out tomorrow what it will be.

  4. Thank you! And Congratulations! It's not nuts to say that an ultrasound shows who the baby looks like. In my case I have a rather distinctive profile and there it was on the ultrasound of my daughter! Yes, she got Grampa's nose too, just like me and my mom.


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