Thursday, July 8, 2010


Today I veer a little from my normal topics of crafting and kids due to being inspired by an old friend of mine.  He is going through a rather difficult time right now (and that's probably putting it mildly!) but rather than focus on the regrets of the way things could have been, instead he has chosen to focus on his gratitude for the way things are both large and small.  Thanks for reminding my to think about what is good in life Benji!

What I am grateful for includes but is not limited to:
  • my health, in spite of some very minor issues overall I am doing quite well
  • my family, esp Mister Vonkysmeed and my kids
  • that I am able to stay home with my kids to care for them rather than having to go to a job
  • that my kids came out healthy and happy
  • that I live in beautiful Southern California, you couldn't pay me to live anywhere else
  • 80's music, loved it then and love it now
  • my home, it keeps me and mine warm and dry
  • campfires, there is nothing like gathering with friends around a firepit with the makings for s'mores
  • that I have enough food for myself and my family to eat every day
  • freedom to live how I choose, we truly are lucky to live in the good ole' USA
  • dogs, don't have one now but always had a family dog growing up, maybe next summer we can make an addition to our family
  • my sight, so basic but so important (I was fortunate enough to be able to undergo LASIK about 9 years ago and it changed my life, I was horribly near-sighted and couldn't get out of bed without glasses, now I wear nothing)
  • chocolate, nuff said
  • my creative abilities, I actually earned a degree in Studio Art (see next item) as well as just being generally crafty!
  • the gift of education, thanks Big Pops!
  • The Muppets, Jim Henson was a genius
  • my friends, so supportive and kind, sarcastic and fun
  • that I had the opportunity to know some very special people before they passed from this world
  • libraries, a great place to take my kids (and me!) to learn about the value of the written word
That's all I can come up with right now that I am thankful for but I am sure I will think of more items later.  Take a few minutes today to think about what you are thankful for, you might be surprised at what you come up with.  By the way, I am also grateful to you for reading my ramblings blog entries!

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