Thursday, July 29, 2010

Talk to me already!

Destructo-boy won't talk, or can't, not really sure which.  Maybe he just isn't being given enough impetus to need to talk since pointing and going 'uh, uh!' seems to be working just fine.  Well, it works fine for him at least, I for one am getting heartily tired of it.  It just gets so frustrating, I know he wants something but he won't say what it is that he wants, we have to play an elaborate game of Charades to figure out his wants and needs half the time.

He is going to be two in October so he should have started saying some words by now, and we know he is capable of speech as he occasionally will let loose a single word never to be spoken again, no matter how much he is prompted.  Unfortunately if my history is anything to go by we may be in for a bit of a wait before he start to talk to us.  Apparently I was almost 3 before I started to talk, I also did the grunting and pointing thing for quite awhile myself (sorry Momster!).  That said, once I started talking it was in full and complete sentences, my first being "Jennifer get in the backseat of the car!" (apparently my cousin really didn't want to sit in the back and both my aunt and the Momster were instructing her to do so when I piped in). 

Lil' Miss tries to help translate his grunting, maybe another reason he really doesn't make much of an effort at human speech.  Oh, and the topper was this morning, his talking dog toy, Scout, (which we normally lurve by the way) was singing some stupid song and sang 'dog', so what did the boy do, he said 'dog' back to the damn toy, clear as a bell.  He talks to the bloody damn dog toy but won't talk to me!  Do you begin to sense my frustration level here!!!  All I can do is hope that he starts talking soon, I mean, he'll be talking by the time he needs to start preschool, right?!  Right?


  1. I am so sorry to hear you are going through this struggle as my family has gone through it as well. We contacted our local school system and got my son into speech through Early Intervention. A speech therapist came to our house once a week for an entire year (starting just after his 2nd birthday and ending the week of his 3rd bday) He made AMAZING progress with his speech and while he is still considered delayed I no longer want to rip my hair out every 5 minutes. He will be starting preschool/speech therapy in the fall and I am very excited about that as well. It was very hard to admit that he had a delay because after all they are our babies but I am so glad I got us the help so that we can communicate!! Oh and sign language is VERY helpful as well!!

  2. Awww, my little guy was a very late talker too. Like the poster above we did speech therapy through Early Intervention when we lived in New York. We had success with signing too. Can't wait to see progress on your quilt. I live for those 40% off coupons for the Kona cotton too! ;)

  3. My grandson who lives with us,,just turned 2 June 3rd,,and is now talking with 2/3 word sentences,,my second son wouldnt talk at all till he was 2 or later,,so I would not worry about it to much yet,,what frustrates me is when we can understand what he is saying,,so we are always asking him show us what you want,,good luck,,

  4. I don't have any good suggestions really seeing as I don't have much experience in the parenting/encouraging speech thing, but I am familiar with Scout as my nephew has one. I know you can program Scout to say different things and if he's willing to talk to the dog, perhaps you can encourage speech with it? Best of luck with getting him to communicate!

  5. Now wait, He does say maaaaaaaaaa when he wants you. Do we hear daaaaaaaa, not very often if at all. He communicates very well with out saying words. Gotta love the nod we get for yes though. Just remember this time, soon enough he will be talking back to his sister and us. It may be frustrating, but he will reach a point where he will not stay quiet.

    Love you

  6. Wow, thanks for all the support! He has said one new thing just over the past few days, his new word, "uh, oh!" so very helpful, I know. I'm not too worried at this point, just often aggravated with his inability to tell me exactly what he wants.


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