Thursday, February 3, 2011

To scrap or not to scrap...

 Did you know I scrapbook too?  Well, not nearly as often as I used to admittedly.  I actually feel guilty for 'falling behind' on my scrapbooking.  Whose behind?  I guess my own self-imposed idea of how quickly I should get the photos in the album I suppose.  I currently have the pictures ready to go for summer, but need to go through fall and the winter holidays photos to decide what gets printed.  Then of course I do birthday books for each of the kids and of course I still have to do their 2010 birthdays. 

I was talking to Mister Vonkysmeed about it the past weekend, that I felt bad I was so 'behind' on getting the photos done and he asked why I felt guilty, and more to the point, why was I trying to force myself to do something I really didn't want to do.  I thought about it a minute and realized gasp that he was right had a point.  So I gave myself permission to do as I liked and proceeded to knit on my Chevalier mittens.

However, I am beginning to feel like working on scrapping again.  I will admit to as much of an addiction to appreciation of scrapping paper as I have with yarn, I love the pretty stuff and am tempted endlessly to acquire.  But I had already purchased the materials to finish up summer and fall of 2010, so I just need to get around to actually working on it, which I have actually started to do (yea me!).  Next up, getting those birthday albums updated!


  1. I totally understand. Sometimes keeping my constant additions to my photo library gets to be a chore. I just set it aside for a couple of days & get back to it. I have a few shoots in Fall 2010 that slipped through the cracks that need to get done.

    The trick is to not turn the hobby into a chore.

  2. I completely agree! Very much along the same line of advice given to me by my sculpture teacher, to not force my art, don't make it into a job.


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