Monday, February 28, 2011

New Socks!

I just finished my toe-up socks that I have been knitting along with the Knit Picks Lovers group on Ravelry (blogged about here earlier this month).  I used the Toe-Up Socks With a Difference pattern by Wendy Johnson with the motif from Pillars by Lisa Stichweh, knit with Knit Picks Stroll tonal yarn in Blue Yonder on 2.5mm needles.  They actually turned out quite nicely, I am rather surprised!  I thought I would have a lot more trouble than I did since I have these ridiculously high arches.  As it turned out I just needed to start the gusset increases a little sooner and do a few more rows to make room for those arches (I started 1/2" sooner than indicated in pattern and did 2 additional rows of increases).  That said, I do think I prefer cuff down, it is just that much easier to adapt the pattern for my feet.

The socks do fit comfortably, but as you can see they are pulling across the arch, the heel flap is being pulled in towards the top/toe of my foot to make room for that arch o' mine.  I maybe should have added in 2 additional increase rounds, but I am not ripping anything out now to do so!  I also might have made them a tad longer, but to be honest I was getting kind of sick of knitting them so crapped out and just finished them off, although I do like socks about this height I am finding so we'll just say I did it on purpose!

 As you can see I even got started on a secondary goal for the year, working on Christmas gifts.  I already got this little stocking ornament done and will be making a mitten and mini sweater ornament from my leftovers as well.  They are really cute little things and do help use up those little leftovers, although since I prefer shorter socks my leftovers are a bit more in yardage I believe than others have.  I wonder if I can make Lil' Miss a pair of socks from just under 200 yards of yarn?

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