Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Warm hands, finally!

It's amazing how much can change in a year.  I first saw the Chevalier mittens last January and it was love at first sight, however, I was extraordinarily intimidated by them.  All those cables, and something with that small of a diameter, eek!  I really, really wanted them but wasn't sure if I could ever successfully make them.  That said, I did buy yarn to make them the next month which promptly went into my stash boxes and languished there for a year.  After a few very cold mornings last month, I decided I really needed some mittens and it was time to face my fear of the Chevaliers.

It turns out they weren't nearly as difficult as I imagined they would be.  Seems that my skills have developed quite a bit over the past year and they weren't really that hard at all (they were fiddly though with that dang cable needle!).  I guess that I hadn't realized just how much I have learned about knitting and things that once seemed impossible are well within my ability to do.  I even managed to do them using magic loop and both at the same time, go me!

About my only gripe is that I mis-crossed one of the cables and was already so far past it once I realized it that I decided to just leave it rather than try to rip everything out to fix it.  For you see, I had already done it once already and wasn't in the mood to do it again.  Wasn't it the Kelts who would purposefully make a mistake in their lovely illustrated Bibles to honor God as he was the only one capable of perfection?  Or was that a tradition in Islam?  Whichever, I'll just think of my error as an homage to this tradition, plus no one will likely notice it but me! (oh, and of course anyone who reads this here blog will be sure to point it out to me if they see them!)  I may have kind of brought it on myself though as I decided to mirror the mittens and thus changed up the cross for each mitten, teach me to 'improve' a pattern.

Next up for the hands, fingerless mittens for those not quite as cold mornings, but which pattern to make, hmmm?!


  1. Those mittens are lovely! I knit a pair of cabled mittens this winter too and one of them has a mistake in the cabling pattern that I didn't notice. I left it. No one has ever noticed.

    That "mistake" makes your mittens unique and special. Bravo!

  2. Thank you! I suspect that no one will ever notice my minor error either.


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