Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Destructo TALKS!

Finally, he is starting to talk to us!  And now that he is started it's becoming a little flood of communication.  It seems like every day a new word pops up, or words are being used together that never were in the past.  Both of us seem to be feeling much better with the new communication being used.

The past few months have been, in a word, difficult.  I found myself wondering why Mister Vonkysmeed and I decided to have another child, I mean Lil' Miss was never this difficult, was she?  Then all of a sudden about a few weeks ago the boy started using new words, daily, sometimes several words in a day.  And he continues to use them which is the biggest step forward.  Don't get me wrong, we don't have many sentences yet, but he does seem to have finally grasped the notion that if he uses a culturally agreed upon word for something he will get results.  Although we sometimes get the most interesting Destructo-Boy interpretation of a word that takes several times to decipher, that is if we are able to at all.  My personal favorite is when he brings a book to someone and says "TO" most urgently.  Um, run that by me again?  He hasn't quite figured out that the operative word in "read to me please" is not 'to' but 'read', but it is awfully cute!

Most of the time the new communication is working just fine, sometimes not so much when he is trying to desperately say something and for the life of me I can't figure it out.  Then the tears start and the volume increases, just fun all around (yes, he cries too).  I must say it is so much easier to handle a child who is willing to communicate with us instead of the grunting and pointing nonsense that has been going on (I think I am really lucky to be alive since I was a grunter/pointer until almost 3 years old, thank goodness the boy isn't taking after his mommy!).  Now that we have started to communicate we can begin to think about the next big step, shudder, potty-training!

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