Saturday, May 28, 2011

Veggie Garden, 2 months in

don't mind the overgrown grass, it'll get mown next week

See how everything has sprouted and is growing so good!?  The ones by the fence don't seem too happy about the shade they are getting for most of the day right now, but we are hopeful that as summer progresses they will get enough sun to grow better.  At least the plants further away from the fence are doing well.  I have no idea when to start harvesting the vegetables but boy do those lettuces look good!
About the only problem we have had so far (besides remembering to water daily!) is that something has been eating the cabbage leaves.  In fact every leaf was chewed off of one plant to the point only the stems were left.  It seems to be sprouting new leaves and hopefully will produce something.  I think I do need to thin out the squash though, there are 2 plants in two of the squares and they are soon going to be pretty squished (tee hee, squished squashes!).  The pepper from the back also should be moved into the square towards the front where the seeds didn't sprout at all.  Other than that I only have a few plants that didn't sprout.  Surprisingly the green onions haven't done too well even though they came highly recommended by our neighbor, The Child Whisperer, barely any of those sprouted, maybe I put the seeds to deep or too shallow?

cabbage trying to re grow leaves that were gnawed off

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