Tuesday, May 10, 2011

School questions

Parenthood is not for sissies!  The most unexpected issues crop up and cause stress/anxiety where you never imagined it would, like where to send your kid to school when they are already in school.

I just found out this morning that the two little girls we walk to school with are transferring out to other schools next year and Lil' Misses best friend Miss E is also transferring out, as are the majority of the kids in her little group in class.  I had decided with Mister Vonkysmeed to keep her in our neighborhood school in spite of it's problems because well, it is our neighborhood school.  But now with hearing about all these other kids transferring out I am second guessing myself, am I really making the right decision?

I'm feeling like maybe I am being lazy since I really don't want to have to drive her to another school instead of walking to this one.  However we have had a very positive experience so why change?   Lil' Miss is doing well, very well in fact, and we have been beyond happy with her teacher.  'The other parents are understandably concerned since our school is a Title 1 school (meaning at least half the students qualify for a free lunch-meaning they are poor, and mostly Spanish speaking) and is currently earmarked for Program Improvement (meaning their test scores have fallen-in my opinion due to the large percentage of ESL kids whose parents do not provide any kind of help to their kids at home).  For these reasons they are getting their kids into other schools in the district that are higher performing schools.  In spite of our schools problems Lil' Miss has a fantastic Kindergarten teacher and I know the first grade teachers are also very good but I still wonder if this is the right decision. 

This is not a dilemma I ever thought I would have to deal with, I just assumed we would go to the neighborhood school and all would be fine.  I never thought it would become an issue of whether to stay in our school or not.  However I didn't realize we were not in the school district I thought we would be in when we bought the house, whoops!  Maybe I should talk to Lil' Misses current teacher for some much needed reassurance that I am making the right decision. In other words, please don't let me screw up my kid!

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