Thursday, June 24, 2010

Backyard surprise!

That would be a surprise for the kids, not so much for us!  It's a water slide Mister Vonkysmeed created on an existing playground slide in our backyard.   Add a $15 plastic pool, a fountain pump (purchased at his toy store, Harbor Freight Tools), and some assorted sprinkler system drips and you too can turn your own playground slide into a super fun water slide.  Mister Vonkysmeed and I have talked about doing this for several years and finally decided to just do it because if we kept waiting the kids would be too big to enjoy it, so I told him to go be creative (within a reasonable budget of course-my standards not his)!

Both Lil' Miss and Destructo-boy love it!  Their faces when Mister Vonkysmeed turned it on were absolutely priceless, made every penny we spent worth it.  I think we do need to mark out a splash zone like they do at Sea World however as they create huge splashes across the patio every time they come down!  Although it would be awfully fun to see one of our friends get a nice wet surprise during our monthly barbecues!  We'll see how long we go without an accident, I can just see someone busting through the side of that pool and sliding onto the patio, not fun (and talk about road rash, yeouch)!

Too bad my butt's too big to fit onto the slide (yes, I have tried, unsuccessfully), otherwise I just might be tempted to try it out myself (like I did with the crib the other day on an especially rough afternoon with the kids).  Happy first week of summer!

Haven't you ever had a day like this?!


  1. Good job with the slide!! I never thought about getting in the crib with any of my kids. lol

  2. Having set the bar, in a few years they will want, no expect, a 12 ft slide into a 12 ft pool


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