Saturday, June 12, 2010

A day with no kids...or knitting even!

That's right!  I got to go to Glen Ivy Hot Springs & Spa with a couple of friends on Friday.  Chatty Cathy told me she and Missus Gordon (#24's biggest fan!  really, she is!) would be going on Friday and would I like to go too?  I'll admit that I'm not much of a spa person, for me the draw was to get away with some good friends for the day and not have to worry about the kids.  Since Chatty and I have connections and were able to get in with complimentary passes, it was kind of a no-brainer for me.  That is provided Mister Vonkysmeed would watch the munchkins for me, pretty please?!  Bless my sweetheart of a husband he simply waved his hand at me and told me to have fun on Friday.  I must've done something right in a previous life, I so do not deserve this man!

Best of all, there were no kids there at all!  Not only did I get a rest from mine, I didn't have to deal with anyone else's either.  It was a truly lovely day, after the June gloom that we get on the coast every morning it was a welcome relief to go inland and enjoy some sun.  During our visit we were able to enjoy all the various pools, baths, steam room, and of course the lounge pool (Missus Gordon's favorite place to be!).  The lounge pool kept us occupied for a good three hours, talking, laughing, gossiping and admiring all the cute swimsuits wandering around.  Missus Gordon complained that you can never find cute swimsuits when shopping but here there were a whole bunch of them!  The best was a red and white polka dot number with black ruffled trim all around the edges and black satin bows on the straps, sooo cute!

And when the sign says the mineral baths will make your silver jewelry tarnish, let me tell you, they aren't kidding!  I think it's going to take me a good half hour with my polishing cloth to get these suckers to shine again.  But boy did those natural hot spring waters feel good, smells bad, but feels great!

When it was finally time to go I discovered a nice little surprise message waiting for me on my cell phone from Mister Vonkysmeed, he titled it 'Looking for mama'

Although I really enjoyed my day, seeing that image definitely made me want to come home and see my little ones again.  I unquestionably needed that time without them for all that!


  1. Missus Gordon likey very much! I hope you will soon consider yourself a spa girl. Instead of it being a day with no kids, it was a day with NO work. It is also a day for me to get away and to feel good.

  2. glad you had fun.

  3. Mineral baths are AWESOME. I too had the misfortune of not believing the sign about tarnishing jewelry...but if you get liquid silver cleaner that you dip the jewelry (it's just a mild aqueous solution that'll react with the minerals and they'll fall off) it'll be good as new. Best of all, no scrubbing!

  4. Oh, I believed it, it is just very painful to get the toe rings off, so I opted to deal with trying to clean them up later. They are all shiny again now, the tarnish did make the design pop again where the polishing cloth couldn't reach so it's all good!

  5. I've only been to Glen Ivy once but it was such fun! Did you happen to try the grotto? I was quite entertained that they were painting me with what looked strangely like mushy avocado. You're inspiring me to try and get down there some time soon!


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